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What Picture Did Nasa Take When I Was Born

    This is exactly the thought that NASA used in honor of the NASAs 30th Anniversary of its Hubble Space Telescope, giving you the answer as to which photo was taken with the Hubble telescope while it was still born. To celebrate its 30th year, NASA created a site showing you a picture that Hubble took on your birth day. The Hubble telescope allows users to type in their birthday and see which photos Hubble took that day – giving you an interesting picture from space to tie into your special day. NASAs captured thousands of pictures from space over the years, and thanks to a neat tool on NASAs site, you can easily see what photo Hubble took of your birthday.

    Using a tool on Nasas website Nasas website, you can see what images from deep space The Hubble Space Telescope took on your birthday. NASA launched the Hubble Space Telescope in 1990, which takes pictures of cosmic events 24-7. The Hubble Space Telescope, explores the Universe 24/7, taking photos each day on its voyage, according to NASA. Nasa has been uploading breathtaking images of space daily for more than 25 years using the Hubble telescope.

    The Hubble telescope has been taking pictures of the cosmos since 1990, and Nasa has timed each of them to coincide with every day of the year. Since its inception, Hubbles telescope has recorded some wonderful images of our universe, helping astrologers to understand the universe more. Courtesy Nasa You can get an idea of just what is going on in other parts of the Universe — thanks to the Hubble Space Telescope, which has been taking incredible pictures of the galaxies and skies surrounding us since 1990.

    On 25th Dec 2009, Hubble saw dwarf galaxies, NGC 4215, and images captured the intricate patterns of glowing hydrogen shapes from a stars birthing process, cavities being cleared by star winds, and brilliant star clusters. On the same date, 2007, Hubble captured an image showing an inner region of NGC 2976, a galaxy located 11 million light-years from Earth. On what would have been Albert Einsteins 120th birthday, Hubble captured this image of a pair of interacting galaxies, which consist of the larger NGC 5754 galaxy and its smaller companion NGC 5752, known collectively as APR 297.

    A January 4 search of the NASA Hubble Birthday Site revealed a stunning infrared image of Saturn taken by Hubble in 1998, on what would be Newtons 355th birthday. To see what the Hubble space telescope saw on an accidental birthday, you can also go to NASAs What Does Hubble See On Your Birthday page and choose your birthday month and day. There is a fun feature on the Space Telescopes Web site right now. Click Select Month to select the month of your birth, Click Choose Date to select the day of birth, then Click Submit to search for a photo from Hubbles telescope taken that day.

    To find the NASA Picture of the Day of your birth or for you to be born earlier, you just need to visit NASAs APOD Calendar Archive. Nasa has collected photos taken by telescopes and selected one to represent every day of the year, so you should be able to find one that matches your birthday — that is all you need to know. NASA, The Space Agency has a new function available for everyone, where you can view photos taken by Nasa for your birthday.

    Well, it is funny that NASA has given you an option to see pictures taken by NASA on your birthday. People are discovering NASA allows you to see a picture of the Universe taken on your birthday, which is kinda awesome. Certainly, these days, people are sharing images taken from the Hubble telescope on their own birthdays to others on social media.

    NASA even has another site where you can view what the Hubble Telescope saw on your birthday, although that site has the option of entering just a month and a date. Simply go to What did the Hubble telescope see on your birthday at NASAs site, and look for the “Select birthdate” section at the bottom of the page. Read on for a look at how you can view what NASA saw on your birthday via the Hubble Telescope and the NASA Gov. APOD calendar.

    Keep reading for details of what NASA saw during your birth. You can learn about which images of space Nasa took on your birthday on the Nasa site, which has a Hubble photo dedicated section. NASA has been doing direct uploads for 25 years, and that is how they were able to catch the look of space on your birthday.

    To truly put Hubbles library of images to the test, NASA has a tool on NASAs site which allows you to enter in your birthday in order to view images the Hubble Space Telescope took of your birthday. The interesting function shows you the most incredible cosmic wonders found on your birthday during the three decades that the telescope has been active.

    To mark 27,000 pounds babys birthday, NASA has uploaded 366 photos from different events observed by Hubble. To commemorate this day, on NASAs Hubble website, NASA has selected an up-close view of the Carina Nebula. With that statement from Hubble, we are treated to some of the most enchanting space wonders on each and every day of the 12 months, including your birthday.

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