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How To Remove Background From Picture

    Using either Photoshop or PowerPoint, it is easy to remove a backgrounds from a photograph or an image, and it does not take much. Using either the marking tools, you too can remove the background of any picture without learning to use Adobe Photoshop. If you are selling things online, creating presentations, or even making collages, you can remove the background from the photo to emphasize an object in a photo, or to eliminate distracting details.

    This means that you can easily add the color of the background you want, use an image like a sticker, and do similar things wherever you need transparency maintained. You can make an images background transparent using an advanced photo editor such as Photoshop, with TechSmiths Snagit, or a number of other tools. In this article, you will find out how to either delete a photos background entirely, or to make it transparent, so that the image takes on the appearance of whatever other background you place behind it. Keep in mind, TechSmith Snagit is not as complex as professional editing programs such as Photoshop, and may not be suitable for removing the background from a photograph or an image with complicated backgrounds.

    If you are using JPGs or another file format, you will have to first adjust your background color in the Snagit editor, or it will default to white instead of transparent. Photoshop will do its Photoshop magic and create a selection automatically around your subject and eliminate the white background. To remove a white background, use the Magic Wand tool, select the tool (w) and click your image layer.

    With all of your settings set up and the image layer selected, click on your white background to take a sample of it and delete it from your layer. For the purpose of simplicity, sampling your white background so that it is white, will make the process of selecting easier in the next few steps. Photoshop will sample colors around the location of the click, and look for similar colors within the image to add to your selection.

    To quickly remove the white background in Photoshop, select the layer of your image, and then open the Properties panel by going to Window > Properties. Now that you have got the selections all set, let us head over and delete both the background on your image (just click on the background and hit Delete) as well as the background layer. Now that you have successfully selected the image background, hit the Delete key on the Macs keyboard to delete the background. If the right object has been selected, check that Remove unselected area is checked, then press Apply to remove the background.

    If you still see parts of the background from this picture you want removed, choose Mark areas to retain or Mark areas to remove in the Remove background section of the Image tab. If you accidentally choose the area that you want removed, tap on the Brush Eraser Tool to de-select the area. To manually remove parts of a picture, choose the Erase Tool and click & drag on the parts of your picture that you wish to delete from the picture.

    If you are dissatisfied with your edited picture, navigate to the Image format tab, choose Remove background, and then either save or delete parts of your image. Using options on your Toolbar, click on areas that you would like to keep or remove in your final, cropped image.

    If you wish to delete or add the background, tap on the edit button in your image, and hit the delete/restore tab, then edit the background. The original process of removing a background will often fail to capture the exact thing that you want to delete or retain, so use the optional Keep and Remove tools to adjust your picture. You can also work in specific areas that you want to delete, such as hair, using the Manual Background Eraser Tool.

    The best background erasers will still include a brush tool, just in case the software does not completely erase your background, but the bulk of the job is done for you at the push of a button. If you are hoping to edit large numbers of images, background remover tools found in apps such as Adobe Photoshop and its alternatives are far more suitable for this task. One of the easiest ways to remove backgrounds from images on your iPhone is by using the free online background removal tools. If you are handling the designs for a shop, you might have more options for removing the backgrounds of images than you think.

    Within Preview, your tools to remove an image background are located in the dropdown menu under the Select menu, clicking on the icon on the upper left side of the Markup Toolbar. Then, either hit the Pixel tools button to delete the background (or revert back to foreground), or use the Polygon Shape Tool to refine edges.

    You can add drop shadows, adjust colors, edit the background colors, adjust edges, and much more. You can replace the background with a different image or a solid color, move objects around, and add drop shadow effects. When erasing the background of an image in Microsoft Word, you can delete objects or people from the photograph, or delete solid colors that do not blend well with other colors in your document. Using a background eraser, a creator can automatically or manually delete any undesirable parts in the picture.

    One of the times that the technique came in handy for me was when I needed to clean some edges on images that had their backgrounds removed using the previous two methods. For instance, I used Photoshops polygonal lasso method to remove the background from the shark-boy image at the very top of this post, but cleaned up the spaces in between his fingers (which needed a bit more precision) using the brush technique. Removing backgrounds from photos used to involve someone carefully drawing on the subject using a really fine brush tool.

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