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How To Put Multiple Pictures On Instagram Story

    Apart from learning to post more than one photo in an Instagram Story, this technique is also very important, which definitely helps users out if they are knowledgeable about this. The process is not as obvious as it seems, and there are a lot of ways of adding multiple images on Instagram posts. Unfortunately, you cannot add multiple photos to a post in Instagram App that is already created and posted.

    One way to directly add multiple photos from the camera into a Story is through the Layout option. To add photos, you can add stickers, use the function to upload more than one photo, or choose more than one photo to upload on your different Instagram Stories. If you do not want to use the pre-existing layout, and you would rather make a more stylistic Instagram story with more photos, you can do that more manually.

    There are also other ways of creating photo collages on the iPhone, but layouts are the ones that are most integrated into the Instagram app. Another option is to download Layout, an Instagram app that lets you make photo collages, making several photos work like a single one. You can either shrink a photo from your device, or you can use it as the background, depending on the style of collage you are trying to create.

    Once you create a collage, you can add stickers, text, music, or filters using the icons on the top of your screen. The Photo Stickers option, which can be found on top by tapping the “Add Story” option in the app. Once that is settled, you need to choose Sticker option and the Picture icon as earlier, in order to continue adding photos.

    To use, you need to tap the sticker option, and this is where you will find this Photo Add-On function for stacking photos in your Instagram Stories. Find and tap on the button that allows you to add images from your gallery as stickers; it looks like two cards stacked one on top of the other, with the top one having the + sign in the middle. Complete selecting all of the photos that you would like in your Instagram post, and press the blue arrow on the upper right. Select which photos you want to add, then choose photo stickers, and add any photos you like.

    In the Edit box, select Replace, and then choose a custom photo from your images. When you open the Instagram Camera (story view), you can either shoot with the Camera icon, or you can download a photo from the phones gallery. To add multiple photos into a single Story Slide, open the Story from the Instagram home or profile screen, and take the picture, or begin with the photo on your device. Open your Instagram app, and tap on the “Your Stories” option located in the upper-left of your feed.

    When you tap, it will open the New Post window, where you can select Stories from the various post options that you can see on the bottom of your screen. The images you choose using this method will be posted in the form of a series of several successive Stories — rather than all in a single story. If you attempt to upload more than one image on Instagram, they will all be cut at the ratio of the first, which may or may not be the way you wanted. While of course, you can add and edit up to 10 photos and videos in sequence at once from Instagrams “Add Story” screen, they will still appear as individual stories.

    Whether you are using Stories as a place to photo-dump all of the photos you are not adding to your feed (aka, that new picture that is just so cute, it will probably be deleted at some point), or if you are announcing a new product launch, you are going to want to make the most out of Stories limited view. Once you master posting more photos on your account in-between Stories and posts, you will discover it is a unique way to liven up your feed and give more of your followers something different. Once you have the hang of posting multiple photos on Instagram posts and in your Stories, you will find that posting is an amazing way to liven up your account, tell a story, or build up themes in your posts. Knowing how to post multiple photos to your Instagram Stories not only saves you time — it allows you to publish more content to your audience, and subsequently, creates more Instagram Story engagement.

    Thanks to the technology, there are also multiple photo editing apps now that help you to achieve the answer on how to add two photos in an Instagram Story smoothly. Creating a story series of several photos from your photo library takes just seconds in Instagram, and it allows adding up to 10 photos at once. Sharing more than one photo in an Instagram Stories or posts is a time-saving process that helps increase engagement and establishes a cohesive theme throughout your content. Instagram actually has a tool built in the Stories sticker function which allows you to add multiple photos and videos on a single Story post, making it much easier to make that collage for your significant others birthday.

    Instead of forcing users to pick out one best photo to use on a Story post or regular feed post, Instagram has also allowed them to share one post with multiple photos, so that they can tell their story as best as possible. If you want to add more than just a few photos into an Instagram story, there are numerous third-party apps that are available on the Play Store, which includes photo collage makers, etc. One particular app we want to discuss here is Mojo. From here, you can choose what kind of grid you would like to use, with an option of adding up to 6 photos in one Story, and up to 2.

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