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A-1 Pictures

    A-1 Pictures has been an important part of the not just the anime community, but TV as well. With their hands on the fandom and popular culture, A-1 is not only the studio giving fans the anime they have been craving, but has also become an industry mainstay. Founded in 2005, A-1 Pictures has worked their way up to fame as an anime studio, taking on as many projects as possible. In fact, it is one of the worlds most successful Japanese anime studios.

    A-1 Pictures was founded way back in May 9, 2005, and has been working on, and producing, amazing anime over the last 16 years. It is been featured in US conventions, and has had some of the most recognisable anime of today under its wing. Founded in 2005 by Mikihiro Iwata, A-1 Pictures is a contemporary anime studio known for their striking visuals. The studios founder is Mikihiro Iwata, formerly the producer for Sunrise Inc, another high-profile anime studio.

    A-1 Pictures is already known to have done some notable things in the field of anime. A-1 Pictures has worked on anime series such as 86 Eighty-Six before. In cooperation with TV Tokyo, A-1 Pictures has produced a number of anime original series. In 2010, A-1 Pictures worked with the combined projects of the anime divisions at TV Tokyo and Aniplex called Anime no Chikara to create the original anime series.

    An Aniplex company, A-1 Pictures started in 2005, but managed to produce one series together one year later. A-1 Pictures debuted in the original anime, Zenmai Zamurai, in 2006, which is notable for being the studios first anime. A-1 Pictures was initially designed to handle the most family-friendly shows. A-1 Pictures stands alongside other competitors such as Madhouse, WIT Studio, MAPPA, etc.

    Let us dive deeper into an anime studio that deserves credit for an endless, mind-numbing stream of anime TV shows and movies. This list looks at 10 of the best anime that A-1 Pictures has ever produced. We are going to take a look at the best A-1 Pictures shows, which shed some light on the good qualities of the studio. Be sure to also take a look at other A-1 Pictures anime that did not make the cut.

    The anime, known by its Japanese title, Shinsekai Yori, of Fairy Tail, was released during the fall 2012 season. Along with Sword Art Online, Fairy Tail is one of A-1 Pictures more well-known anime. Fans of the psychological battles of the Dead Note series will surely enjoy this psychological-romance anime. If you are looking to romance an adorable cast and laugh at the absurdities of life in anime, this show is stunning visuals will deliver.

    A-1 Pictures even did better job with animation than I ever imagined they would. Operating mostly through freelance work and outsourcing, A-1 Pictures has created more than 200 memorable anime titles over the years, and is still going strong into this seasons offerings. A-1 Pictures has also managed to produce some of the biggest hits in the anime industry in the past decade, including the super-successful Sword Art Online, Season 1 of The Seven Deadly Sins, and Fairy Tail. This aggressive marketing strategy has made them one of the best-known and most prolific anime producers of the modern age, having been involved with numerous groundbreaking hits.

    The first two seasons of Seven Deadly Sins came from none other than A-1 Pictures. Slice-of-life anime is A-1 Pictures pride and joy, and it is well-earned. Slice of Life anime is a high point for the studio, showing exactly what they are capable of; giving viewers an addictive series that is here to stay. Lycoris Recoil Studio A-1 Pictures is going to direct Sword Art Online character designer and animator, Shingo Adachi.

    See Sony Pictures Imageworks, another animation studio owned by Sony. Atsushi Kaneko of A-1 Pictures is the Animation Producer, and Naoki Suda is the Animation Inspector and the In-between animator.

    However… A-1 Pictures Atsushi Kaneko is said to have been responsible for supervising production on every episode as producer. A-1 Pictures Atsushi Kaneko said, The longest would be one month for one anime TV episode. Kaneko also said, But the moment a studio hits this time, anime gods will come down on us.

    If you are not familiar with the behind-the-scenes aspects of anime, then the following should prove to be both informative and eye-opening. Through these, we will get to know tons of cool details about the anime industry. You can expect a few of the new projects to follow the classical animation style from A-1 Pictures, and it is been observed that it is getting more diverse depending on the theme of the anime. Visual Prison runs 12 episodes, and you will be amazed at their amazing animation.

    Co-produced by Trigger and Cloverworks (when it was still a part of A-1 Pictures), Darling In The Franxx is a unique approach to the mecha genre, featuring a story that is right out of a YA novel. A-1 Pictures Inc. (Zhu Shi Hui She ewanpikuchiyazu, Kabushiki-gaisha e Wan Pikuchazu) is a Japanese anime production company founded by former Sunrise producer Mikihiro Iwata, and is an affiliate of anime production company Aniplex, the anime production arm of Sony Music Entertainment (Japan).

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