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A Picture Of A Palm Tree

    Additional palm tree photography galleries can be seen in the categories: Pictures of palm trees and Images of Palm Trees. Full Size Each palm tree photo you liked, simply click the palm image you liked to expand the photo of a palm tree.

    You will find lots of photos about palm trees on palm image gallery below, there is also palm tree species list, facts on palm trees, information and identification about plants below. You will find out how to identify different varieties of palm trees, you will find pictures of them, and common names. Depending on the climate you live in and what kind of yard you have, there are a lot of species of tall palm trees which are awe-inspiring in both Subtropical and Tropical gardens.

    Many types of ornamental palm trees look great in the interior, and they provide an attractive greenery. There are even a few types of dwarf palm trees plants that thrive indoors in containers. You may think a palm tree is not an appropriate indoor plant since it can get really tall and really leafy, but there are a few indoor palm trees here thatll show you differently.

    Looking at pictures of triangle palm, you may notice one more reason it is called the triangle palm. The palm is often also confused with Kentia, but this palm has narrower leaves and fronds that are arched, which makes it appear to curl, thus its nickname, The Curly Palm. Called Mexican Washtonia, palmetto has a long, narrow trunk with slender, leafy top-like leaves.

    Called the Mediterranean pan palm, The triangle palm is a low-growing tree. This small-growing tropical palm has thin, grass-like stems that have pale-green, lobed leaves growing from them. The Mediterranean dwarf palm (Chamaerops humilis) has several clustered trunks, making the palm look more like a shrub than a tree. This species of palm is a great decorative flowering tree for the subtropical landscape.

    The Quindio Wax Palm, Colombias National Tree, is the tallest recorded species of palm. Only 130 species of palm are estimated to have grown naturally outside of the tropics, mainly in the subtropics. Unfortunately, up to 100 out of over 2 are now threatened by deforestation. First, Indonesia is a tropical nation covered in acres upon acres of tropical forest, with the majority of the countrys palm trees being native ones such as the Coconut, Fan-shaped, and Feather-Leaf Palm.

    Most are similar to trees, having a single trunk, and have compound leaves that are fan-shaped (palate) or feather-shaped (pinnate). Palmate-leaf species are distinguished by leaf structures where all leaf segments originate at one point, resembling human arm structures. The seeds are more than 20 inches across, weighing about 66 pounds. The leaves turn yellow, killing plant tissue and diminishing fruit production.

    The Raffia Palm has the largest leaves, growing to up to 20 meters long. The largest palms are a dramatic statement in USDA zone 8-10 landscapes, while smaller palms are grown everywhere in containers. From higher elevations, you have an entirely different view of these palms. Heres a collection of some of the best palm photos that will get you started in your own creative endeavors.

    Many everyday products and foods are made with palms, and palms are also used extensively in landscaping because of their exotic looks, making them one of the most financially significant plants. They are appropriately called palm wines or kallu, and are commonly found throughout parts of Asia and Africa. First discovered in southern Florida in 2004, palm-leaf hats, baskets, carpets for tourists are typically banned from importation in the United States by Caribbean countries because of economic threats to coconut and banana industries. It is also worth noting that not all plants called palms are in fact named after them.

    The family of palms, Arecaceae or Palmae (also known as Palmaceae, a name considered to be taxonomically ineffective, or the colloquial palm), is a flowering plant family, and is the only family within the monocot order, the Arecales. As an ornamental plant, palms were first introduced in Victorian times, spreading throughout the Western Hemisphere via Spanish missionaries, who brought it to Los Angeles in the 18th century, making it Palm State/Cascades, whereas in the rest of the world, particularly in Asia and the Pacific, it has been a popular tree. There is no exact record on how palms got their name, but fossil records suggest the tree has been around for 80 million years; the period during which dinosaurs were still alive.

    It is a well-known coastal palm tree, being the state tree of Florida and South Carolina. If Sabal palmetto palms bring to mind beaches of South Carolina and Florida, it is because the Palmetto Palm is an official tree in those states. This comes as no surprise, as a palm tree is one of the typical images of tropical paradises.

    If you are looking for background images of a beautiful tree for your desktop then take a look at these gorgeous pictures of trees that can serve as your free tree wallpapers. The Tree photo galleries to the left will link you to a particular category of trees that will give you lots of pictures and facts about that tree type. There are millions of palm trees in sunsets online, some are even used as logos of surfing associations, tropical island resorts, and in normal days, they can be downloaded as HD backgrounds for your phones and computers.

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